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Postcards, Business Cards, Websites, Banners, & More

Instant Sales Letters for Photo Booth

Need a powerful sales letter fast? These sales letters are for you!

by Tom Quiner

Email MarketingI’ve worked with small business owners in fifty states and Canada. They have something in common: they don’t like to write, and most don’t write all that well.

I get it.  We each have our gifts, and yours is creating wildly fun events with photo booth.

You have something your prospects want and need. So how do you communicate the benefits of photo booth.  Here is a quick easy way:  Instant Sales Letters for Photo Booth.

I’ve written a collection of concise email sales letters perfect for this attention-deficit age.

They get to the point quickly. Present irresistible benefits of photo booth. And end with a call to action.

These letters promote photo booth for weddings, corporate events, and school events (both high school and college).

The price is just $35.  You can simply order online using Paypal.  We will email the set over to you.  No need to re-keystroke them.  We’ve already done the work for you.

They’ll come to you as Word documents.  Simply plug in your prospect’s name, your name and contact info, and hit “send!”

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