Email Campaigns

If you’ve ever started an e-mail to brides with the word “congratulations,” you need our help!

Breakthrough Marketing will write and design a campaign that helps move brides beyond price.

We will build a campaign in Robly that includes 3, 6, 9, or more emails to your lead list.  Once we set it up for you, each email will be launched automatically.

When you enter a new name into the system, the sequence will start from the beginning for that new contact.

Easy!  Affordable. Automated.

Brides receive a lot of e-mail.  How do you cut through the clutter?  You need a timed campaign that drives more prospects to your website.


We will set you up in Robly and design the first graphic email for $150. Each graphic email after the first one will cost $100 each.

Call to learn more: 515-276-9266